Student Spotlights

Beginning A New Beginning


By Maria and Viridiana Soto

It’s a Monday in January, and we both know every little detail about the move except the big one…Where exactly we’re we going? All we knew is that we’re moving out of Decatur, but it never crossed our minds that we were also leaving Arkansas.


The move was a surprise for two reasons. One, we have lived in Decatur, Arkansas for about 11 years and, two, we were already located right in between everything we did on the weekends. It was never too far to go out shopping. It only took about 45 minute to get to the mall and about 30 minute to get to groceries. Also, our father’s job was close. We thought that Decatur was a small town,  but it was a perfect place to live in right in the middle of everything. The school was great because it wasn’t a big school and everyone knew everyone. Most of the time Decatur was a calm place. The busiest day in Decatur was the BBQ event that was celebrated every year in August on the first Saturday. It’s an all day event from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. This event is actually one of our favorite days because everyone that we dearly love was located in one area enjoying that happy moment. Despite moving,  we are still looking forward to it. Decatur will always hold a connection to our childhood

“New ways are new direction, it may not be the best at first but it surely is the most perfect thing when you give yourself new opportunities.” – Maria Soto

The day of moving everything to our new house our feelings were neutral. We didn’t know whether to be depressed or happy. Even though no one in the family was truly happy about moving, we all still kept a positive attitude when packing up everything. When we had the chance to text our friends, we would update them and even now,  we still keep in contact for any reason that we can think of. In fact, we have plans to spend time with our old friends over the summer. 

“It may not be all under your power to be able to do something you don’t want to do, but one of the most difficult ocean storm waves have their ending beautiful.” –Viridiana Soto

At MCHS,  we have found new friends as well. At first it was hard because our schedules were different, our lunch hours were different too, and this school is much bigger school than Decatur High School. The very first week of school was a little difficult because at one point because we didn’t have friends to talk to; however, the teachers were really nice and welcoming. Our student ambassadors were also really friendly too. By the second week of school, we got really comfortable being around here. It almost felt like we have been going to this school for years. We both now have a few friends here, and it feels great having at least one person to talk to in class and in between classes. 



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