Commentary Holiday

Valentine’s Day


By Jarely Rea

Love is in the air. That is one of those most common sayings these days now that Valentine’s Day is here. Some start talking about how great their own valentines plans will be, but for the rest of the people that haven’t got their date, it would be better to just…forget. Maybe it was fun when you were a kid, stuffing your paper sack with candy and getting all sorts of cards from your friends, but now it makes you resent the fact that you don’t have a significant other to share the joy of the day. It’s not like you can avoid the holiday since the average cost people spend  on just candy Valentine’s Day  is $130-$147 million dollars. 54 million pounds of chocolate  and 8 million Sweethearts are produced for Valentine’s Day. 150 million Valentine’s cards are sent each year. And  believe it or not the percentage of people that celebrate valentine’s day is 62%, leaving the other 38 of lonely souls isolated for the holidays or …maybe not. 

One of the most common things people do that don’t have a date  is get together with all their friends that don’t have a significant other either or go to the movies or go shopping and forget why you’re there. Another common thing to do is  throw a party meant for people who are lonely. The most important thing to remember is to get some perspective. Love your singleness. Be happy within yourself regardless of your relationship status. Avoid being swept away by the tide and the most important is think of how much money you’re saving.

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