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Love Those Locks

unnamed.pngBy Ky Newport

Every time a new fashion trend comes out, everyone has to try it. “New color? This would so look good with my eyes.” “These heels are so hard to walk in, but they’re current so I have to have them!”  But seriously people, where’s the fun in following everyone else? How about YOU start something on your own and bring back something a little on the weird side. In a completely positive way, of course.

What I’m talking about now is something we all mentally cringe over. Not necessarily because we think it’s gross or unclean; but all that hair….

Dreads are something completely over looked! You obviously don’t see models rocking five year old Dreads. (Although we do see Jack Sparrow killing it with the beads.) It’s just not something the general population considers a “new statement.”

When we think of hair, it is something cultural and expressive. People do their hair in different colors and styles to express themselves in an explosive way. But so many people discriminate hair styles based on gender and race that we don’t open ourselves to the full scope of possibilities that we have.

First things first, there are several ways that you can dread your hair. The most common method, the rip and twist, is one of the easiest. It isn’t as bad as it sounds! Though, it may a little damaging to your hair, it’s a sort of go to for dreading.
If you would like to see a video of dreading click this:

I personally know a friend that has gone through the whole dreading process and here is what she has to say about it:

“Dreading is a very, very long process. there are lots of different techniques for creating dreads; I did the twist and rip method (which isn’t as scary as it sounds.) I just had to create the sections, twist and rip all the way down and they form into a big tangle which will eventually lock up and turn into a dread lock.  The main thing to remember is to have patience, and take your time. enjoy the stages o your dread!” -Kenzie Hargrave

The first reaction you have when thinking about dreads is that they’re dirty and gross. I mean, the term “dread lock” is from the meaning “dreadful.” They can actually stay cleaner and healthier that your hair if it isn’t dreaded.

In order to keep our hair clean and oil free, we use harsh chemicals that make our hair brittle. We brush our hair with combs and tools that rip it out and can cause knots themselves. When your hair is dreaded, you don’t use the harsh chemicals we do. ( Your hair can still be washed with soap, but it’t unscented and not chemical based.)Some of the highest usage and rated products are Dolly Locks and Rot Knot.

My last recommendation for this, is to think through your choice in dreading your hair. This isn’t a spur of the moment hair style. You need to be well versed in everything about dreads and how long they take to mature. Though they can be brushed out, it takes takes a while and can result in a long, tedious time of ripping out a lot of hair.

But most of all, just love your hair and yourself. This could be an amazing journey for you, and if you’ve done your research and still want them, try it!

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