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Harden or Westbrook


By Manny Martinez

Many would argue that Westbrook is having one the best individual performances in a season since the NBA/ABA merger, but I’d like to argue why Harden is the more valuable player. Stats don’t lie, Harden is leading the NBA in assists averaging 11.7 while Westbrook is averaging 10.4. I understand that Westbrook is averaging a triple-double(30.7 points 10.3 assists and 10.4 rebounds) , but Harden is winning while averaging 28.6 points 11.6 assists and 8.1 rebounds. The Rockets stand at 39-17 while the Thunder are at 31-23.

Harden like Westbrook is a one man wrecking machine carrying the load for is team right now.Both are beasts on the court but Harden edges Westbrook in Fantasy. Westbrook comes in close at 3rd while Harden is 1st. No matter who you root for Harden or Westbrook or maybe neither, I guarantee these two come down as the 1 and 2 in the final Mvp voting.


  1. While I like Westbrook more I agree that Harden is having one of the best years of his career. You present valid points Harden has more of a winning percentage, but yeah they both do.


  2. I would prefer Harden and he is having a better year than Westbrook. His precentages are higher than Westbrook. I also think Harden is a better shooter.


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