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A Look Into FCCLA


By Shelby Dalton

FCCLA is the only student lead organization with family as its central focus. February 13- 17 was FCCLA week, bringing awareness to what the organization stands for.

Monday- Family Day! Local organizations fed all local members pizza to show appreciation for family.

Tuesday- Career Day! Focused on promoting careers that can be acquired through family and consumer science education.

Wednesday- Community Day! Local members held a fundraiser to benefit cancer patients by raffling a charcoal grill along with many outdoor items.

Thursday- Leadership Day! Members passed out positive notes and posted them all around the school. They also held a seat belt decorating contest to encourage peers to buckle up.

Friday- America Day! Members wore red in honor of Project RED Friday (remembering everyone deployed). This organization wants to bring awareness to troops that sacrifice their lives and time with family to protect our freedom.

Other projects FCCLA is working on is Literacy Olympics for head start where members make developmental games that encourage reading. S.A.F.E will be continuing monthly pledges, a PSA video and activities will be held during extravaganza, and a service day at Faithful Friends Animal Advocates in Neosho.

They are also doing a fundraiser for RESCUE LIFE. An organization that rescues young girls from sex trafficking and provides, counsels, and educates them on a trade so they won’t go back into it.

FCCLA obviously reaches out to their community, local and abroad. But the one project that touches close to home is one that the members took into their own hands to raise money for their adviser, Debbie Shaffer, who needed a breathing machine that would cost almost $1,000. The machine was important in preventing another stroke. For those of you that didn’t know Mrs. Shaffer suffered a stroke on December 27, 2016. Students have been raising money through bake sales, pizza sales, and hat days to help pay for the expensive machine. Mrs, Shaffer says, “I was both humble and grateful for their generosity and love.”

If these efforts touched you in any way, join FCCLA, and support their missions!

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