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Benefits of NOT wearing makeup


By Kedisha Jack

Nowadays it doesn’t take women much time to realize that makeup makes them look beautiful, but many makeup products are very bad to your skin. Although it may make you look stunning, there are some cons with wearing makeup–mainly your skin.

Many makeup products have chemicals that can damage your skin. Studies show that your skin absorbs about more than 60 percent of toxic chemicals in cosmetics, so that averages about five pounds of unneeded chemicals that your skin absorbs. Sometimes, the oil from your makeup collects in and clogs your pores which can cause acne to your skin. Your skin will be able to breathe instead of taking all that toxic chemicals that your skin takes in. Some popular cosmetics has chemicals such as sodium, benzoate, and a number of other acids. It’s great that you can hide your imperfection and blemishes, but sometimes makeup is the cause of them.

Another reason why it’s beneficial is because you save a bunch of money and time. Most women/teenage girls spend about 100$ or more on makeup. Some cosmetic products are super expensive. They come in small boxes, which some girls think it’s worth it. One thing we all know for sure is that makeup takes a lot of time, and one mess up in the wrong spot can lead you to starting over. There are many steps on putting your makeup. An average of US women apply about 17 beauty products on their face. Women usually spend about an hour or so applying makeup … imagine how much sleep you can have instead of always applying makeup. Imagine all that money and all that time you can have  for not applying makeup. Also having to come back home at the end of the day all smudged on your face is a waste of time and money as well.

Last but not least, you get to accept your flaws and be more confident of your natural self. For example, you can cry without mascara running all over your face, or when you get a compliment it will be your “natural” you and not the “makeup” you. No more stains on your clothes from applying makeup, and no more having to worry about what you messed up on your face. You can fall asleep without having to go and remove everything and look like some ogre. Not saying that everyone looks terrible without makeup, but yeah there are benefits of not wearing makeup that can surely help out a lot.

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