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Hot Cheetos


By Jarely Rea

Almost every school all around the U.S has vending machines and almost every vending machine has hot Cheetos. Hot Cheetos have an interesting background to how they started. It was first invented about 25 years ago by a man that worked as a janitor named Richard Montañez at the Frito Lay Cucamonga plant in California.He was ordered to  sweep up the  Cheetos that had remained because of a malfunction of a machine and at that decided to take some home and start with the invention of what today we know as “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos”.

Since then these Hot Cheetos have been one of the company’s best sellers and have become a  major part of students meals or snacks almost every day throughout the school year. Although some schools are starting to ban this product and you just won’t’ believe why,students will not be  thrilled with the idea.Over the past years these hot Cheetos are becoming more and more common or popular to eat especially in teens.

What people may or may not care to know is that these Cheetos have a very high ingredient list and some of it is not very healthy here’s why. About 21 pieces of Hot Cheetos contains 160 calories, 250 milligrams of sodium, 11 grams of fat, and 1.5 grams of saturated fat, according to Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Cheetos. One thing in these chips is the flavoring agent, it has a powerful neurological effect that can lead to addiction and is linked to excessive weight gain.The food coloring inside these chips have a potential carcinogen that causes hyperactivity in children.So if you eat a bag of Hot Cheetos and feel like running a mile you now know why.These Hot Cheetos are actually sending kids to the emergency room.This is because when these people come after eating so many chips the Cheetos begin to cause gastritis.

Although not all people may eat hot Cheetos every day it’s good to know the risks you’re taking when you 10 bags of chips each week. That’s why   according  to medical daily they  recommend young people to avoid eating Hot Cheetos  and other processed snacks in large amounts to avoid gastritis and other health risks that can lead to  very serious consequences.

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