The Most Dynamic Duo

By Luke Boze

Who is the most dynamic duo to ever be in the NFL? Many would make cases for Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, or Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, but there is one that trumps them all. This pair has been a force in the NFL for 15 years plus, this pair consists of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

There is no competition for Brady and Belichick, they have been dominating the NFL for the last 17 years. It all started when Brady was drafted in 2000 in the 6th round at the 199th pick. This is when the Brady Belichick era began. Since being drafted in 2000 Brady has won 201 games, 4 Super Bowls, has thrown for 60,000 plus yards and 450 touchdowns with more to come.

192f5c96098cd39b66dbac1038669eb3_crop_northBelichick started grooming Brady as soon as he was drafted, and boy did he do a good job. He has coached Brady to the point where no one can compete with him. Brady has the most wins of any other starting quarterback in history.

It is hard to say that Brady and Belichick aren’t the most dynamic duo. They have the best record of any other coach-QB relationship. Belichick hasn’t coached anywhere except New England for the last 17 years and New England has been a force ever since.


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