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Top 10 Wide Receivers in the NFL 2016-17

By Matthew Crowder

1. Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants wide receiver is going into his 4th year in the NFL and has already put up three 1,000 yard seasons in his career so far. He is Eli Manning’s go to guy mainly because he can make an explosive play after the catch and spectacular  catches is the main reason why I’m putting him at number one because he has great ball he is an exiting player to watch every week he plays.


2.  Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is going into his seventh year as a Steeler and is the same size as Beckham with good speed and great ability with Hail Mary catches due to Ben Roethlisberger throwing accuracy  He is great at getting in and out of his breaks without loss of speed, which is key to creating separation, and shows outstanding body control when having to keep feet inbounds on the sideline.


3. Julio Jones- Is still a young receiver for the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver that has great speed for his frame at 6’3, 220 pounds and is amazing when it comes to after the catch because he can run and break tackles with his big body. His speed, size, and strength combine to make him the most physically-intimidating receiver in the NFL. I think he is going to have an exiting career ahead of him after making it to the Super Bowl, but losing in overtime against the Patriots.

4. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals is the oldest receiver right now out of this good group of guys is expecting to play one more year at Arizona before he hangs up the cleats. He has fairly decent speed, but has great ball catching skills and rarely drops a pass from veteran quarterback, Carson Palmer who is playing one more year as well. Fitzgerald is ranked at top at wide receiver blocking which helps a lot for their running game.

5. A.J.Green, Cincinnati Bengals receiver has had some injuries, but I still think is the best player on their offense and at 6’4 and has good speed and makes big plays for the Bengals when he needs to. He also is the tallest receiver out of the rest of the top 9 guys. His ability to get down the field and make big plays has not dissipated.Green broke out in his sophomore season with a top-10 grade earned by his catching 48.5 percent of the deep balls thrown at him, third-highest rate in the NFL.

6. Deandre Hopkins, Houston Texans Has had a good career with the Houston Texans so even with all the quarterbacks throwing to him so far and there is a lot other dangerous receivers on the team, but the quarterback situation needs to solved for Houston as soon as possible.He is one of the best receivers along the sidelines, and can make spectacular grabs look routine. His ability to fight off a corner, catch the ball away from his body, and keep his feet in bounds is outstanding 

7. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots there are not that man white wide receivers out, but one of the best ones is Julian Edelman because he makes most of the explosive plays for New England like he did in the Super Bowl which is on the photo down below. Edelman has great speed and Tom Brady’s main target because he gets open with is speed and agility. He is only 5’10, but he looks 6’3 with his ability to break tackles for big gains, he also is very strong because he takes big blows form defenders and gets up like nothing happened and  gets ready for the next down.

8. T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis colts is an underrated receiver for Colts who is small at 5’9, but has great speed and can take it to the house if left open on deep routes. He makes corners blow their coverages when covering which makes him one of the fastest receivers. He is probably the most explosive player for the Colts offense besides Andrew Luck their quarterback.

9.  Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears  really good when he’s healthy, but I think he needs to go to a better team because the Chicago Bears are not that good for a receiver that has great talent at his position and plays hard every game for his team.

10.  Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos is not really fast, but he has great size and good ball skills and is a go to target when it comes to deep passes down the field when the Broncos need it the most. He had one season where he dropped a lot of balls, but I think he is at 10 because of his catching skills. As a run-after-catch specialist, Thomas’ numbers have been hurt by defensive adjustments to Trevor Semian’s move at quarterback. With defenses crowding the line of scrimmage and daring Manning and now Semian to go deep, Thomas has had fewer open spaces to exploit on bubble screens, slants and crossing routes.


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