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Cake Craze & Giveaways

By Alexus Brock

It’s true, there is some school sweetness going around, and this sweet treat is all centered around cake. Hanna Schmit, a senior at McDonald County High School is creating cakes with the hopes to sell them to classmates as well as the community. Hanna has stated that she plans to make various cakes as far as flavors, sizes, and looks are concerned. She stated, “If anyone wants a specific cake they can send me a picture and I will do my best to make a cake that looks similar.” Hanna’s purpose for this is to truly meet the customers needs.


To help Hanna with this entrepreneurial pursuit, I asked for a cake that include some sort of berries/fruit, and Hanna blew me away as far as the presentation for this cake was concerned. My order was processed with magnificent ease, and delivered on the day that we had earlier decided on. Hanna has made cakes for other students beside myself as well, she has used this creative talent to make cakes for her boyfriend, family members, and even some friends. If anyone has questions concerning Hanna’s new business you can find her on Facebook, or even stop her somewhere in the halls at MCHS.

Hanna has decided that she is going to give away one free cake, and anyone who shares this article has a chance to win, the name of the winner will be drawn at random. She believes something can be said about a cake sweetening up someone’s day, and her cake business is exactly the way to do that.

So, get to sharing mustangs,there is a lot of sweetness to go around!

Some photos of Hanna’s cake creations:


Testimonials & Reviews: 

Levi Womack: “The mixture of fruit and cake made everything delicious, Hanna’s cakes were really well balanced.”

Ricardo Padilla: “The frosting was surprisingly super good, and the berries were actually very sweet. They tasted like candy.”

Mrs. Toomoth: “I find it impressive that the fruit balances well with the cake- it’s not over saturated or soggy. The cake itself is delightfully fluffy and the icing deliciously melts in your mouth with such a sugary goodness. A perfect spring cake!”

Mrs. Williams: “Truly scrumptious. Truly truly scrumptious.”

Journey Sanny: “Basically it was delicious, and I want to eat some more.”

Coach Whitehead: “The cake was super moist and fluffy, I ate an entire huge piece without even realizing it.”

Mrs. Strader: “If Hanna was in my class, I’d give her an A for her cake.”






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