Commentary Student Life

Seniors, Here We Go

By Abby Bishop

Second semester is flying by. Basketball homecoming has come and gone, prom is right around the corner, and then the hallowed graduation day in May will be here before we know it. Perhaps the best thing about Senior Year is knowing that it won’t last forever and making the most of it.

The best piece of advice I ever got was to not take advantage of a single second and enjoy everything, even the things that seem really small. Go hang out with people you’ve never hung out with before and maybe a life-long friendship would come of it! Change the way you dress, start reading books, do things you never thought you would do. After all, that is what it is all about:  finding who you are.

I asked some seniors what changes they’ve made this year that has made all the difference. Aubrie Dunn, senior softball player, told me, “I changed my friends and the people I am around and that has changed me a lot.” Britiny Calvert agreed and added, “It’s our last year, we have to get into college, reality is about to set in. We aren’t children anymore.”

Payton Walters, senior cheerleader, has some advice for the students that are coming up into high school and the ones that are going to be seniors:  “Always stay positive! You can’t let the little things people say get you down. Enjoy every single moment because it goes by very fast!” She told me that she is very excited for everything that comes after graduation because it is like a clean slate and I totally agree! Christian Willmann gave some advice to underclassmen as well saying, “Get involved with something! You will have more fun in high school if you do!”

I also asked the seniors I interviewed what they were afraid for after graduation. Will Dean said, “I am scared about leaving home because it is really easy to fail in the real world.” Several others agreed, including Jacob Stanley. Jacob also had some great input:  “I came to the realization that not everyone is going to get rich and it is easy to fail, but you have to keep trying.”

Senior year is filled with ups and downs and reality hits you hard. What matters is how you handle that. Never let the fear of failure keep you from doing the things you truly want to do and love every single moment of your last year of high school. Even if you have rough days, remember that your best days have yet to come and that high school is not the “best four years of your life,” but  a stepping stone to the many great years later in your life. To finish, I would like to leave you with a quote in the words of Britiny Calvert, “Bring it on, girlfriend!”

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