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Book Review: Silence


By Tierra Welch

When silence is all that’s left, can the truth finally be heard?

Nora woke up in the cemetery with no memory of the past five months, which means no memory of Patch. Nora learns that she’s been kidnapped and held for three months. She keeps seeing the color black, thinking of black, falling in love with black.

Hank Millar is making the moves on her mom despite her attempts to block him off. Her and Marcie make an uneasy alliance, but Marcie is looking for one thing; Patch’s archangel necklace. The name “Patch” makes Nora’s heart skip a beat. It’s like she’s in love with a name.

She meets a dark mysterious stranger that seems familiar. Everything about him is familiar; from his tall lean build to his dark sinful eyes. She knows he has all the answers about what happened to her, but every moment they spend together is more intense than the last until she finds herself falling in love. Again.

The pressure is on as memories are locking into place and dots are connecting leading up to her finding her kidnapper and bringing him to justice.

Patch gave Nora up to protect her. As much as it tore him apart he knew it was best if she didn’t remember anything about fallen angels or Nephilim and live her life. Although she haunts him in everything around him, he knows that he can’t complicate her life anymore than he already has. But a failed attempt to break into The Black Hand’s warehouse he saves Nora, again. He can’t stand her not knowing who he is, not having her in his arms, he can’t stand not having her.

Silence the third book in the hush, hush Saga written by Becca Fitzpatrick is a roller coaster of emotions. It will have you wondering if the much loved characters, Patch and Nora, can make it through this challenge. I love these books but the third book whereas it is amazing but it’s my least favorite book of the saga. It might be because there isn’t enough of Patch and Nora, instead there is Patch and then Nora. Ever since I read the first book, I’ve been in love with Patch and Nora and now as the second to last book comes to a close I feel like the books are family. I would give this book five stars out of five.

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