Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors


By Dylan Gravette

With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge being out for nearly a year, it’s time for a new Galaxy device. The multi award S7 puts a lot of pressure on the men and women to top the current phone. Samsung has a lot riding on this phone with is Note 7 fiasco. With it being officially recalled and production immediately halted the Note 7 cost the company over a billion dollars. So it’s safe to say the Samsung needs this phone to be big.

The S8 according to rumours is set to be available in stores sometime in late March or early April. It’s said to feature an almost all screen design with the only bezels being at the top and bottom of the screen being marginally smaller than previous generation phones. The phone will have no home button, but you should expect it to be a touch option on the screen. But don’t worry if you rely on the fingerprint scanner it will still be on the phone but on the back. There is going to be a plus model also. The S8 will also have a slightly better camera than the S7, which is already a superb smartphone camera winning multiple awards and being voted best smartphone camera by many magazines.


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