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How To Be Lazy

By Lucas Boze

Being lazy is one thing that every high school student is good at. We all want to run after our dreams and achieve our goals, but we also want to do nothing. We just want to wake up on a Monday morning and just lay in bed all day and not have to worry about the stresses of school and homework and making friends and social gatherings and peer pressure and all of the people that we can’t stand.

There are, however, people that simply don’t know how to be lazy. It is a sad sad day when we encounter these types of people. They just never slow down and never take anytime to be lazy, and therefore are a total killjoy when the rest of us don’t want to do anything.

So here are some steps for that overachiever that you know, who always wants you to get up at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning. (These types of people are my least favorite, like why can’t you just let me sleep until Noon, or maybe even until the next morning.)


  1.  Don’t do anything with your life
  2. Just sit on the couch and do nothing.
  3. Play video games, watch movies, read a book
  5. Do whatever you please, just have a lazy day.


In 5 easily achievable steps you can have your ideal lazy day. Now take that high strung, energizer bunny best friend of your’s and make them have a lazy day; who knows, maybe they will enjoy it so much that you won’t have a high strung, energizer bunny best friend anymore.

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  1. The fourth step on how to be lazy is the most important thing people need to read!! Naps are very important and are needed for every day life! The trick is being able to take a nap until the food is ready on Thanksgiving to when it’s time to open presents Christmas morning!!


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