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Let’s Be Dramatic

FB_IMG_1489071059796By Alexus Brock

The MCHS Drama Department has been working diligently on their performance of The Inventors Daughter, a one act performance that was prepared for districts with the hopes of going to state. At district competition, there were nine schools competing with two schools that qualified. This show is centered around the spirit of invention as well as hope within an unfavorable situation. The show is sprinkled with humor, quirky relationships, endless puns, and the importance of home. The stars of this show include Saylor Jones who plays Charmaine the hopeful daughter of her father, the deceased inventor, Ann Childers who plays Adora, an inventors lonely widow, Bo Pierce who plays Gustav Guttermost, a landlord who looks out for his best interest, Lucas Boze who plays Cashin Devault a bachelor banker, Hope Wolfe who plays Ima Fox a flirt as well as the assistant to Guttermost, and  Jacob Stanley who plays Frankie, the nerdy and adorable lab assistant.

This show is just one small example of the endless work that all of Mrs. Wooten’s drama classes take part in. The drama club is one club at McDonald County High that lacks some recognition for all of their work. The club puts on two performances per year, and those are performances that are joined by community members. Although this work is publicized, small performances like this often times go unnoticed by students as the club performs during the school day.

During District competition, the MCHS drama department received first place, with this melo-drama that offered diversity within the competition. The students had a bittersweet taste in their mouth as a tie-breaker for first place impeded upon their opportunity to go to state. But one thing must be realized from this, regardless of whether our club was able to attend the next level of the competition, they are still able to harvest all of the ideas that their show stood for. They learned the spirit of invention and creativity, the importance of their drama family, and looking for the positives in a somewhat negative situation. The importance of the team oversaw every obstacle and bad hand that was given to them, and they truly dedicated themselves to this performance, and harvested the monumental ideas that it stood for.

Finally, the recognition of seniors is something that any club would love to take part in, regardless of whether this is athletics or being an active thespian. The four year seniors involved in the Drama Department this year include: Patrick Elkins, Jimmy Shaw, Sara Lewis, Ky Newport, Kenzie Pendelton, Hope Wolfe, Ann Childers, and Releen Joseph. We are proud as a school of the students who have the ability to be dramatic and use it to their advantage. The drama department can teach the school a thing or two about sustaining a family full of drama-queens.


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