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Marching Around


By Jarely Rea

From the elections up until now all sorts of marches have been going on everywhere. People have come together to protest for what they believe, but not all are held for the same reasons. Some are held for rights of the people, and some are meant to protest things they might or might not agree with. One of the most recognized of the marches of late has been the  Women’s March on Washington, which has been the biggest march held in  U.S at the moment, with the size of about three million. Around the world including U.S., there have been up to 2.5 million people that protested just for the women’s marches.These marches were held in the UK, Japan, Germany, France ,and along with others. In Australia about 3,000 men and women have gathered to protest. In Japan hundreds protested. In the U.S, the cities that had the most marches are Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and even Boston. Up to the  biggest marches in Washington down the Antarctica march with a total of 30 protesting all this people march for what they  believe in what’s right or for what they disagree or agree in.

One of the recognized march or protest is a day without immigrants .What this is exactly how it sounds, this is a day meant to show how a day without immigrants would look like and how it would affect the economy .This was meant to protest against the immigration reformation that has been going in the U.S.These marches are symbol of what the people want whether it’s good or bad.One thing is for sure everyone has their own opinion about everything , and whether we agree with one another or not, we all have the right to believe in what we want to believe in.I was curious whether or not people agreed with the protest or if they were simply neutral, so I went and asked a few people what they thought about the marches that were held in the past month and  quite a few this month too.

Jessica said, “Well I don’t pay much attention to the protest, but I do think some people are fighting and working for what they think is right like the humans rights and women marches. But, I also think there are people who are just protesting to protest.”

Moises said,”I really don’t know much about the protests, but I think if they believe it’s right to protest. I think they should do what they think is right.”

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