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By Maria Soto

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” -Maya Angelou

This quote from Maya is one of my most favorite quotes. Life isn’t just to survive day by day. Every day is always a different day from the smallest detail that hardly any people notice to the big difference detail ,which everyone sees and then states that this day was different. Everyday there’s people who try to make a difference in their life. Most of them succeed in a good way and that’s because they went out with a positive mind that allowed them to expand themselves out to new things. In life things are not always fair or equal, but it’s on you to take it and let yourself prosper from it or just let it go by.

Every day is a new day, a new beginning and there’s always a new opportunity for those that need a fresh start. Every fresh start should be with love to themselves first. Love yourself because that’s your number one support, you lean on yourself for independence. Even though you slowly develop independence it’s nice to have a little dependence, others are willing to support you and there’s time where you need that second support because that first support isn’t available.

Compassion? Compassion is within yourself to others or others to yourself. Its having pity/concern for those that are suffering. In others words it’s you extending a hand to people that you love and care about wanting to see them in a better place than before. Passion? Like I previously mentioned about having a fresh start; passion is something you might consider to have in that fresh start. What’s something that you absolutely like and know there’s a job or a new opportunity that might be within the area. Passion is something within you that you have love for not necessarily a person but it’s more career wise, a strong emotion for something, most of the time it’s positive emotions. Humor? Humor can be positive and negative but in my personal opinion anybody that’s wanting a new beginning should have a positive humor. Be fun, joyful, happy, adventurous, cheerful, it’s all got to be positive. Ain’t nobody got time for that negative.

Life is to be enjoyed. It’s such short time and a lot to learn and do. Open up to the wonderful side of the world and challenge your minds to new and creative things. You’re never gonna know what a wonderful world we have till you explore it. You are the control of yourself, and it’s you whose gonna take that first step and say “I need a fresh start”.

“It’s never too late to forgive and it’s always a good time to start a new beginning.” -Maria Soto  

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  1. This is very inspiring, Maria! I love Maya Angelou and I am so pleased to see you find a way to use her powerful words to inspire others!


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