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Diet Coke Is a No-Go


By Mary Smith

Two months ago, I was addicted to Diet Coke.

In fact, nine years ago I was introduced to the world of zero calories and one hundred headaches. Diet Coke was a strong staple in my diet. It’s funny, because I really didn’t feel  much better drinking it. I would order it at restaurants, often hearing a collective chorus of “As usual…” from my friends who found the drink comical. When I didn’t have time for a meal, I’d drink Diet Coke. When I was sad, happy, angry, or content, Diet Coke was there.

But Diet Coke was not my friend.

I quit Diet Coke a month and a half ago. You see, Diet Coke is pretty bad for you. Despite studies, facts, and statistics, reasoning should tell you that a dark brown drink with carbonation and (magically) no calories is not made of anything good. However, aspartame and phosphoric acid don’t exactly have a clean record. Chemical aspartame triggers a reaction and your body thinks that it is processing real sugar. Phosphoric acid can affect your teeth. The list goes on and on.

So how did I do it? I decided that I would drink sweet tea and water to keep myself on track, and I actually stuck to it. For a while I was drinking other diet drinks, but I haven’t touched Diet Coke or any other diet pop for a while now. From personal experience, cutting out Diet Coke has improved my mood, my energy, and my overall well-being. No more are the days of cranky days without Diet Coke. No more are the days where I would replace entire meals with the drink. It has been a big change, and I’m glad that I quit drinking Diet Coke now rather than later.

I’m not the only one who believes in the bad affects of diet soda, but I’m also not the only one who would have defended it. Here’s what your peers think:

Sarah Reynolds: “I do think Diet Coke is unhealthy. Any diet product has large amounts of aspartame in it, and aspartame is very unhealthy and dangerous.”

Rylan Lett: “I don’t really have an opinion on diet soda. I know that a lot of people talk about aspartame in a negative way, but I have never seen anything about it actually being unhealthy except on your taste buds. I chose not to drink soda in general though.”

Cylee Drake sees from a neutral standpoint, adding, “I think all pop is unhealthy, but if you compared Diet Coke to regular Coke it is a healthier option.”

I actually introduced one of my friends to Diet Coke, and she still says that she likes it.

Quitting Diet Coke was an interesting experience. Believe me, it was pretty hard to do. If you had sent me an article like this two months ago, I would have denied every sentence against the precious pop. I would have defended its honor. For some, Diet Coke will always be the best. If that’s you, just know that it is possible to stop drinking it at any time. I’m here for you!

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