iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Rear Camera


By Dylan Gravette

The Galaxy S7 has won awards for its phone camera in nearly every category. One place this camera shines the most in is low light with its 1.7f aperture. While the iPhone isn’t far behind in lens quality with a 1.8f, its software doesn’t do as good of job to take care of low light situations. As you can see in the picture below.

When it comes to indoor shots neither one do the best job where the iPhone has a kind of magenta tint to it and the galaxy had a strong yellow tint.

When it comes to outdoor shots it’s all about personal preference. The iPhone shows more light but the galaxy has sharper colors. The HDR is a little better on the galaxy, but once again it’s all about personal preference.

Next is a close up shot of a flower. The iPhone shows a little darker colors but I think the galaxy has better colors and is a little higher quality, but this is also a personal preference.
Well that’s all here for now on the rear camera comparison. I say the overall winner here is the Galaxy S7 and the magazines have been proved right.

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