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Overwatch: Tips for Bad Genji’s and Hanzo’s


By Jacob Collum

The Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji get quite a bit of hate in the overwatch community…especially the former. The stereotype surrounding them is that everyone playing them is bad. This assumption is correct; the people playing these characters don’t know how to read a character’s abilities and figure out how they should be played. My goal today is to teach said people how these characters are not what they think they are.

Let’s start with Hanzo, he often is used as a long range sniper, which is completely wrong. You’d have to be blind to not see his arrows beginning to drop off as they get to the point of a “long range” shot causing you to rely on luck rather than skill when attempting to take out the enemies leaving your team with what might as well be an empty player slot. Hanzo is a mid to close range sniper with high damage output, hanzo is also clearly not suited for face to face confrontation as other heroes can output damage faster than him. Hanzo is an ambusher. When playing Hanzo flank the enemy and shoot them in the back, make sure to take out lone opponents you are confident you can beat in a one on one confrontation. If you run into a lone hero that has low hp, aim the scatter arrow at their feet and you will likely kill them in one hit. Only use Hanzo’s ultimate to surprise the enemy team by getting on the other side of  wall behind them and firing it at the wall as the dragon arrow will go through it.

Now for Genji, little brother Genji is also excellent at ambushing like Hanzo and has the deflect ability, which is good for beating characters with rapid fire weaponry like Soldier 76 or heroes with rockets such as Pharra. Genji is ok at long range, but suffers just as much as Hanzo does with the whole luck shot issue. Genji can beat bad bastions pretty easily and can destroy Pharra by reflecting her ultimate right back at her. Pretty much play Genji close to the same way you do Hanzo but be more aggressive and never let someone escape from you.

Well hopefully you “pro” Genjis and Hanzo mains have read these tips and learned how to not be so bad at Overwatch, get out there and actually help your team now.


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