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St. Patrick’s Day


By Jarely Rea

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, just around the corner of March. The day everyone dresses in green and looks for a four-leaf clover most of the day. You’ll be surprised to hear that the first parade ever recorded was not in Ireland, but in the U.S in New York city. With a sizable amount of Irish immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century, the celebration became widespread throughout the country. What began as a religious day for a patron saint (from Ireland) has become an international festival celebrating Irish cultures with parties, dances, special foods, parades, and the color greenWhat’s been celebrated for about 400 years ago has again become a worldwide celebration.

This celebration is meant to celebrate a missionary that converted most of Ireland’s people  to Christianity somewhere around the fifth century. This man was born in Britain to a wealthy family around the end of the fourth century, and at 16, he was taken prisoner  by a group of Irish raiders and transported to Ireland where he spent six years in captivity and where he worked as a shepherd outside alone away from other people. Isolated and lonely he turned to his religion for comfort where he became a devout Christian. It’s believed that he would dream of converting people to Christianity. St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world in all parts of the world. You’d be surprised to hear some of the countries that celebrate this custom including: Canada, Italy, Scotland, U.S.A, New Zealand, Spain, England, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina, and of course Ireland too. 

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