Commentary Video Games

Likes/Dislikes of Sun and Moon


By Eleasha Frederick

I have finally been able to gather enough money to buy my own copy of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. I was very excited because I personally love Pokémon with an absolute passion and have been dying to try this new game out for myself, and I began yet another Pokémon adventure!

The setting takes place on a series of islands with all kinds of new Pokémon (not to mention new starters) who have all kinds of different new moves (except for the ones that almost every Pokémon starts out with that nobody likes).

I have only gotten to the second island, and I like a lot of things about these games much like the reasons I love the other Pokémon games that were released in the past. However, there are a few things in these new games that I’m not all that excited about…


I still love the graphics in the new games rather than the older games where the resolution and graphics were just all-in-all terrible. The transitions of scenes and the movement of the Pokémon are incredible (and their cute little tails move when they use Tail Whip, a move I still hate to this day). The buildings, roads, plants and people are better detailed (even though mouth sync still sucks). The new Pokémon are beautiful, cute and very interesting. I’m just glad there are even MORE Pokémon in this game for me to catch!

This new Rotodex, I LOVE IT!! The fact that It’s now a map, Pokédex AND camera? Mind blown! The map is super convenient and it even marks where your next location is which helps me more than I would like to admit (I get lost super easily…). The Pokédex lets you see what Pokémon you just recently caught but also shows you how many evolutions that Pokémon has left to undergo. It also tells you what percent of Pokémon you have caught on an island, so you can easily go search to your heart’s content and know when you’ve caught them all. And this new camera? Are you kidding me?! I thought this couldn’t get any cooler. But it did!!! You can now peak through opening in walls to capture the magnificence of Pokémon and get all kinds of reviews on your photo-taking ability!

You know how you fight so many Pokémon and sometimes you just kind-of forget what kind of type certain (or all) Pokémon are when you face up against one. Well you won’t have to worry about that in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! If you have faced a Pokémon before and you encounter it again, Rotodex tells you what the moves are to take down that wild or captured Pokémon down!


-Please keep in mind that the dislikes I will be writing are those in MY opinion-

I do not like how long it takes the game to finally let you set out on your own without thousands of other things to stop you along the way, interrupting your adventure on many accounts. On many accounts, I have lost progress for being unable to save before the, what seems to be hours talking, begins and either I must leave for somewhere where a DS isn’t respectable to have out, or it’s not the time, or the battery dies and I lose everything I worked on.

Second, I honestly don’t know how I feel about not having gyms you can enter anymore, but instead, various of “trials” of which you mostly fight Pokémon and not Trainers. Also, the lack of effort it has been for me to level is yet another problem and the lack of needing money when almost thousands are given to me. Items aren’t that expensive or I am just given or I find a lot of the items I need or, even though I do love being able to groom my beloved Pokémon buddies, I don’t think I like the idea of being able to heal the Pokémon from caring for them. It was great at first when I was too far from the PMC (Pokémon Center) to heal them but wanted to continue training my Pokémon, but after a while when there was a Pokémon Center near me and the PokeMart I wanted to visit, I almost have no need to go there any more with that new feature. Another thing on the “Care Center” as I call it, is that you can no longer play cute little mini games with the Pokémon in your party which I happened to have enjoyed doing in Pokémon X!

All-in-all, even with the amount of dislikes I have for Sun and Moon, I will continue playing because I’ve already bought it and second, I’m not going to instantly throw it out just because of a few things that I don’t like. Besides, I still love the Pokémon franchise, and I will continue playing Pokémon no matter what!


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