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A&H Love Letters

By Alexus Brock

We want to spread love through letters. Want to join?

A&H Love Letters is a project that is co-managed by myself as we as Hope Wolfe. The idea for this project stemmed from a project that was created by Hannah Brencher, her model was held on a larger scale in larger parts of the country. With a spin, Hope and I are hoping to accomplish the same goals through out our entire county. Below are some steps that can help you become involved in our process, we want everyone to help us spread the love. If you have any questions A&H Can be contacted through our Facebook page, A&H Love Letters.

(Link above shares the Ted Talk concerning the original project)
If you’re interested in spreading love letters with us, here is a quick how-to:
  • Random letters can be dropped anywhere you’d like! They can be as short or as long as you wish to make them. We encourage those who receive a letter to also write a letter.
  • Drop Off boxes will be stationed in all of the various schools within McDonald County. Most will likely be stationed within the front office of your school. You can drop letters off in this box, they can be created for a specific person or completely randomized. A&H Love Letters will have a logo that will be placed on all of the envelopes so everyone knows what organization promoted their love letter. For safety purposes, the team leaders of A&H will read through these letters to prevent any harmful or damaging information from being sent.
  • Bundles are an option for a specific person that is needing some extra encouragement. How do you nominate someone for a bundle? Message us on our Facebook page and we will advertise that we are needing letters for this person. Only first names will be included for privacy purposes. You do not have to know this person to send them a letter, as your letter can be completely anonymous.
  • Love doesn’t have to be romantic: Our love letters truly promote writing as well as random acts of kindness. A love letter can consist of nothing more than a funny joke and telling someone to have a nice day. This isn’t just for couples!
  • Who can be involved? This is an activity we’d like to extend past our High School, and we’d like to involve the entire community. This can be executed through leaving love letters at work, at the grocery store, or even at the gas station. Everyone can write, and everyone can spread the love.

Help us get started & spread the love!

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