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I have a fear of driving?


By Bailey Sherrell

Most people jump at the chance to drive. They are completely fine with it,  even happy to be driving.

I, however, am scared of driving. Now that I have my permit though I have to practice as much as I can.

When I get behind the wheel, my first reaction is being nervous. My stomach starts hurting and I have to take a few deep breaths.

I mean it’s not like I’m bad at driving; I’m really not at all actually. It’s just that I’m scared of what can happen while driving. If you loose control for one could result badly. And a lot of other things besides driving can end up bad too, but driving is in YOUR hands. It’s your driving skills that determine whether you’re safe or not. Maybe I just don’t trust myself.

Everyone else trusts me to drive except myself. This fear is slowly sinking away each time I drive.

So everyone who may be scared to drive, you have to face your fear to get over it. Even if you’re just a little nervous, you can become an amazing driver with practice and patience. Just drive with someone you’re comfortable with and helps you. And just be careful.

A few more driving experiences, and I might actually get rid of this fear. I might even start driving higher then 40 mph. And hopefully I’ll become a confident driver.






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