Opinion: A Day Without Women


By Bailey Sherrell

I know this is late but I have to say something.

The Woman March. I can not even begin to tell you how mad this made me. The day without women.

Skip Work, Go march in the streets, make everyone’s lives just a little bit harder because you think you’re getting unfair treatment.

Well news flash, the world is unfair and always will be because some people are privileged and some people are not. And the women in the march are definitely privileged because woman who don’t have much money or have to support their children or even care about children, go to their jobs and get money. They do not just skip when they feel life is treating them unfair. They suck it up and get over it and MAKE their life better rather then crying like babies and trying to get other people to care.

Because guess what. No one will care until EVERYONE gets into it. And that will not happen.

Let’s start with asking why these feminists were out marching the street; skipping their jobs, leaving students without teachers, effecting the students futures and the parents of those students. When the parents maybe had to pick up their kids from school and leave their money-making job and possibly not being able to leave their job because their boss could fire them and then the…lets just say you could have effected a lot of people. But definitely not in a good way.

Why even would you do this? Oh yeah you think you don’t get the same privileges as men. But wait…we do and sometimes get even more privilege then men.

“But then why do men make a few extra cents then us?”

Oh MY, get over yourself! Don’t you understand that most men usually work harder then women? Most men have better physical bodies then women. Some women are even asking for day off just for their period. Some women who are pregnant get maternity leave. I get that. You may have a troubling pregnancy…but men do not need any leave unless they’re really sick or have something important to do. Some women get more time off basically. Yes I’m saying  some because not all of this applies to everyone. Just some. Some woman do work harder then men, And guess what, they probably get the same amount of money a man would in the job. Some woman are better scientists, teachers, writers. They are not complaining because they had to work at their job to become better and rise in experience. Just like a man. They can’t leave their jobs like the women in the marches that were rich and privileged and able to take a day off.

What we should be doing is helping the homeless men and women. Helping the women is countries that kill them just because they’re a woman. Helping the U.S. by NOT disrupting other peoples lives. Join a charity. Find a major cure in science, solve a huge mathematical equation, and just work as best as you can and you can become a valuable part of your workplace. Help woman with disabilities or woman who don’t have enough money to support their kids.

Don’t march in the street. Don’t scream about unfairness when you, the people in the marches are being unfair to the people who were driving to work. Or the people who had to hurry somewhere but you stopped them. Some of those people you stopped were probably woman. And yes some were men. So if you want to get fair rights for woman, you’re going to be unfair to men? Yes they might get a few more cents then us, they might have treated us unfairly back then, but this message you’re trying to send out is not working. You’re turning men against woman. Woman against Men. You’re making this a big deal when it doesn’t have to be. Just Stop. Find a better way to become heard. Some people have already done this. Because as long as woman and men stick together, this world cannot fall. As long as the U.S. is united, we will not fall. But these marches and protests and riots are not helping anything. Stick together and become the U.S. that people marveled at. The UNITED States of America.

“The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that is should be fair.”-Dr Steven Maraboli

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


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