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Roller Coasters & Tacos

By Mary Smith

High school is better with good friends, roller coasters and tacos.

Silver Dollar City with the drumline, our matching bracelets (last year)

For the last two years, my drumline friends and I have made it a tradition to visit Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, as an end-of-the-year celebration. Afterwards we grab Chinese food or tacos at Chili’s. Who doesn’t love friends and fun?

also friends
Another picture from a day with friends (sophomore year)

For incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and even seniors that are almost graduated, you should try to incorporate a fun trip with your friends into your schedule at the end of this year. You don’t have to make it overnight, and there are so many options for a fun day that could mean great memories.

Here’s some ideas for a tradition with your friends.

Silver Dollar City

SDC runs several specials on tickets and discounts, so you might be able to fit that into your friends day. The great thing about visiting a theme park as your friend tradition is that everything is all right there: shops, food, and rides. You have endless entertainment all day long.


One really awesome place that most people don’t know about is Woolaroc. which is a museum in Oklahoma. Woolaroc has so many cool artifacts and items to see. If you’re not interested in that, there’s actually a petting zoo that has a bunch of cute animals like baby goats and rabbits (I won’t lie, I still go there just for the petting zoo). On top of that, it’s beautiful land with lots of history. It’s only $12.00 a person for a day at Woolaroc.


Even just going for a swim with your friends could be your yearly tradition. There are swimming pools in Joplin, Neosho, and Arkansas, and there are water parks that aren’t too far away if you feel like the regular slides just aren’t thrilling enough. Don’t forget to get ice cream or float down a lazy river while you’re there! If you don’t like pools, there’s always a lake or creek to go to, so that also opens up another option.

Camping or Barbeque

This is one of the easiest annual events one can have. Your friends could bring a tent and camp at your house or vice versa. You could eat hot dogs, s’mores, and drink pop. The summer time is a perfect time to do this and reflect back on what a great (or not so great) school year it has been. You can build a bonfire or even set off fireworks.

Try and do something fun with your friends at the end of this year or over the summer. Especially you, seniors! Make the most of your time left in high school.

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