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Pulled From Time

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By Tierra Welch

As painful as it is to share. Time After Time on ABC has been cancelled. It’s okay to cry everyone. In its place Match Game will air. The show only has six episodes and has no plans to return. Truth be told, the show wasn’t the most popular in ratings. Only getting 2.2 million viewers weekly.

The show, based on the novel by Karl Alexander and the movie, is a wonderful cat and mouse adventure as author/inventor, H.G. Wells originally from the year 1893 traveling to the year 2017 in pursuit of Jack the ripper. He gets the help from a few people that knows when he’s from. But Jack, or better known as John, is one step ahead of him with all his charm and good looks. The stars will be desperately missed especially my personal favorite Josh Bowman a.k.a Jack the Ripper.

I’m actually very upset that ABC would replace Time After Time, which was bound to get fan girls drooling over actors and love stories and adventure, with Match Game because people that like to live in the past with other game shows instead of getting with the program with the rest of us and drool over Josh Bowman. AFTER JUST FIVE EPISODES! They decide to cancel it. It was still new and was still growing. New shows aren’t going to get that many views for awhile and then they take off during summer when kids are out of school. But no ABC was to impatient for that.

The show had a wonderful cast. A wonderful story line. A wonderful love story buried in the years apart. Yet it was cancelled for a game show that grandparents like. I’m sure the 2.2 million viewers that watched Time After Time are about just as upset and aggravated as I am.


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