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Look For What is Hidden


By Ky Newport

So many workplaces have made it where tattoos and bright hair are almost unheard of. It’s “unprofessional,” or scary to children. So why not find a way to get around this without losing your job?

The issue here is that the colors and ink are seen; but in the modern day that we live in, there are ways to hide this. One of the rising ways to do this is dying the bottom layer of your hair.

Now this seems a little weird. Who would want a full layer of their hair something bright and colorful while the underneath is dull and natural? But think about it! It’s like a hidden accent that now one will notice unless you want them to! It’s subtle enough that it’s not in your face, and still pretty enough to satisfy the need for hair color.

Now, I haven’t tried this yet (my hair is too short to do it with), but i think it’s a great idea to try. Its a rising trend that i completely agree with. And the hair won’t be “too distracting” to your peers or your customers.” Why you’re at it, why not try to do a rainbow???

Tattoos are another big issue with this. Because tattoos may scare the elderly or small children. This I can understand. If you still want them, there are ways to cover them up! There is makeup specifically formulated to cover them up!

Kat Von D’s Lock it Tattoo Concealer is a great example of this. This long-wear concealer is the embodiment of expert tattoo artist Kat Von D who knows a thing or two about ink, so you can rest easy that your body art will go unnoticed. After applying the concealer with a concealer brush, let it dry completely before building more layers.
So don’t miss out on these opportunities while you have the chance!

One comment

  1. WHY!!!!! People should not judge you for what you want to do to your hair. Tattoos are not bad as long you are not under age, but if you want to get a tattoo that you don’t want seen by the public make it small ar don’t do at all.


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