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By Mary Smith

It’s understandable.

Juniors, if you’re scared to go to college in a completely different state or city, and you’re worried about leaving everyone behind, it’s understandable. It’s difficult to say goodbye to your friends and family; maybe you’re even worried about being separated from your significant other.

But even if you’re scared, you can be brave.

Hope Wolfe, a senior at McDonald County High School, has decided to attend Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. This takes a lot of courage. Hope will be staying at a college that is almost 18 hours away. I asked Hope a few questions about her decision and bravery in order to gain insight into education across the nation.

M: What made you decide on Arizona State University? H: I pulled up a map of the United States and then I started to look up what the environment and landscapes were of the states I had never been to. My brother had actually moved to Arizona to live and work with my cousin, so I looked into Arizona and decided that day no matter what I’d go there.

M: Was distance definitely a factor in your college choice? H: I knew that I definitely wanted to go far from Missouri, it’s something I’ve always thought about.

M: Had you been to the campus before your most recent visit in March? H: I had never actually been to Arizona at all, I got accepted and decided to go on a campus tour and I fell in love with everything about it.

hope wolfe 3.jpg

M: How often will you come home? H: I think I’ll be coming home every break I get; my family is my everything. I know I’m going to miss them terribly, but I know that if I do not leave I will disappoint myself and never get away.

M: What are your biggest worries about attending a college that is 18 hours away? H: I’m worried about making friends because I’m going somewhere where I only know two people in the entire state.

M: What will you major in? H: I will be majoring in theater; it is what I am most passionate about and I just feel so alive on stage.

Outside of her college choices, Hope Wolfe is an outstanding student who is dedicated to helping the community and sharing her own talents. Take for example her participation in the A & H Love Letters project, a local organization dedicated to writing love letters for those facing challenges. Alongside Alexus Brock, a senior who also attending a college 18 hours away, the duo provide comfort and encouragement in their own time for a good cause.

hope wolfe 2

Hope also has a unique personality and good taste in everything from breakfast to tunes. Whether she’s eating her favorite Frosted Flakes with sugar on top (“Treat yo’ self,” Hope says) or listening to anything but country, Hope is having the time of her life. Hope couldn’t live in any other past decade because she says she’d be the worst house wife ever and couldn’t put up with the roles imposed on women. “I am extremely ecstatic for graduation,” Hope responded when asked about the coming event, “I have been counting down the days!”

Juniors (or maybe even seniors), if you need someone to talk to about attending a college away from home, Hope is your girl!

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