Arts & Culture Teacher Spotlight

An Interview with Coach Stancell

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By Danisha  Hadley

After 29 years of coaching, the fun and playful Coach Bruce Stancell has decided it is his year to retire. While working here, Coach Stancell has coached PE classes, weights classes for boys and girls, and most importantly track.

Aside from working here, he also attended high school here way back when and graduated in 1983. In high school, not only was he student council representative, but he also played football, basketball, and track.

I went to interview and of course his answers are just as great as he is.

Me: How long have you been teaching / coaching here?
CS: A long time. (26 years.)

How was your high school experience here and tell us what made you decide to coach track?
CS: It was good, not too bad. And because I’ve always liked it and I’m good at it.

Do you ever wish you coached rugby instead of track?
CS: No, I don’t. It doesn’t pay as much.

In your opinion, what is the greatest accomplishment you’ve achieve while being here?
CS: That’s a hard question to answer. (He has too much to choose from.)

What is any advice you would give to any new coach?
CS: Oh gosh, they’ll just learn themselves.

Who’s your favorite student?
CS: You can’t ask questions like that. (Me)

Although I’m very sad that Bubba isn’t going to be around my senior year, I’m sure after all these years he’s finally ready to kick back and relax.



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