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A List of Things To Complete This Summer

By Bailey Sherrell

This is a list of amazing things to do this summer and just a few of the ways to have a good time and have fun. Everyone should try a few things on this list and .have a fantastic summer

  • Pick Wildflowers >This should be easy. You can already start picking wildflowers now.
  • Catch Fireflies >Another easy, fun thing to do. And then you can put them in a jar (with holes in the lid!) and keep all the fireflies (or lightning bugs if you prefer) until you are finished catching them. Then you can let them out and watch a swarm of them light up the sky. 
  • Go to the Beach >This might be a longer trip but go have fun at the beach and build sandcastles! Go far out into the ocean and jump waves. But watch out for Jellyfish!
  • Go on a Picnic at a Lake, and while you’re at that, go Fishing! >Complete three things at one time! This is a normal summer thing that everyone should have already done but if you haven’t, make plans too! It’s really fun to just relax on a hot summer day and after you catch a few fish you can eat too! 
  • Go to a Drive-in-Movie >This might be kind of challenging. Drive in Movies are becoming so rare they are almost non-existent. But if you can’t find a Drive in Movie, create your own! Find a DIY Drive in Movie theater and have fun.
  • Sleep in the Back of a Truck >Okay I have done this on a warm, summer night and its pretty great other then you might need to put on bug spray and put bug repellent around the truck. Bring tons of blankets and pillows and anything else you might need and, wa la, sleep.
  • Sleep in a Bouncy House Outside >I have also done this and it was pretty great. My friend had a bouncy house for her birthday and we had the great idea of sleeping in it at night. So, of course we brought out tons of blankets and pillows. The bouncy house had a net around it and had a top on it so no bugs really got in. That night was great, especially if you tell scary stories.
  • Sleep on a Trampoline >Again, I have done this and it was pretty okay. My friends and I had a sleepover and all four of us slept on a huge blanket on the trampoline. Then we piled the blankets on top of us. Too bad that night got cold fast. I was in the middle so I was pretty warm but we still woke up shivering and ran inside to sleep a few more hours. Still fun though. I just recommend, maybe do it on a warmer night.
  • Go to an Outside Music Festival >Haven’t done this yet but it’d be great to go to one of these and stay all day and night. To listen to amazing bands while walking around and meeting new people.
  • Stargaze >Stargazing anywhere is just so fun. Have a bonfire and then just lay in the back of a truck or on top of a car and stare at the stars while having music playing…or you no…just look outside at night.
  • Pick Fresh Berries >If you have a berry bush around your house with edible berries..pick them! And you can even make a pie or jam with them.
  • Go Kayaking or Canoeing >  This is really fun. Especially on a huge river.
  • Read >Okay I know that some people really don’t like to read but even if it’s a trashy novel or a little kid book just read it and laugh at it and be happy. But if you do enjoy reading, try to go yo the library every week. The goal is to read over 50 books. And that’s nothing because I’ve read over 100 books in one summer. Yeah yeah..what a nerd XD
  • Have a Barbecue with all your friends and family >This is something fun to do with everyone you know. Plus, the food. 
  • Drink Every Drink with a Drink Umbrella >Except maybe milk. But drink umbrellas are amazing and tiny and they fold up and it makes me really happy so just drink with one. Plus it looks really cute.
  • Have a Tire Swing that can fit a few people >Tire swings are great,,but are even better when you and your friends can swing together. Once you have a tire swing, you’ll have a great way to relax outside.
  • Get a Summer Job >Okay yes, I know this isn’t the greatest summer fun but who knows? You may find new friends and work with great people.
  • Take a Road Trip >With Friends! Or Family. Or Alone. Just go see different places and do new things.

Alright well I think this is a pretty worthy list. I hope everyone has an amazing Summer and does at least one of these things. Have an amazing Summer everybody! See some of you next year!

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