Book Review: Carve The Mark


By Tierra Welch

There is no honor in survival.

In a world where everyone has a power reflecting their personality, all the energy is from the Current, the source of their power. There’s a planet called Thuvhe where it’s divided between the natives, the peaceful Thuvhesits, and the violent conquerors Shotet. They’re on the brink of war and nothing can stop them.

Cyra Noavek’s current gift brings her pain and power, but she’s also the sister of the brutal tyrant of the Shotet people, Ryzek, who uses her dark gift for his own personal gain. He uses her as a blade in his hand torturing those who wish to move against the Noavek family, but she’s finding out she could stand against her family and all she’s ever known for what she believes is right. And that comes in the form of a Thuvhesit named Akos.

Akos was the son of a simple Thuvhesit farmer, the youngest of three. Then the Shotet invaders killed his father and took him and his older brother, Eijeh. He’s thrown into Cyra’s world of torture and pain. He becomes the light in her dark world as she becomes his. He is one of the very few that can touch Cyra without crippling in pain. But he has one goal, one reason for surviving, Eijeh. He feels himself falling into the dark abyss that is Cyra. She’s not like any girl he’s ever seen. She’s strong and confident, smart and beautiful. Unlike the rest of the Shotet population, she covers her kill marks, the marks the Shotet carve to mark the people they’ve killed. He falls for her and she falls for him but, honor has no place in survival.

Carve The Mark by the bestselling author of Divergent, Veronica Roth is unique and beautiful. Her portrayal of friendship and love in a galaxy of unexpected gifts is absolutely amazing and addictive. You won’t be able to put it down and you won’t believe what happens. It’ll make you count down the days until the next one comes out.


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