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Fantasy Football Draft – Sleepers


Zay Jones warms up before his first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings.

By Caleb Curtis

If you have any experience playing fantasy football, you know that sleepers can be a huge part of your season. That last receiver slot that you are unsure of can become one of the most stable positions on your team. With that said, let’s take a look at some sleepers you may seriously want to consider drafting.

Breshard Perriman. WR. Baltimore Ravens

Perriman has had an injury-riddled first two seasons with the Ravens and has only been able to put up 499 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns over his career. However, Perriman has proven that he knows how to use his size(6’3″ 209 lbs.) and speed over this offseason. Perriman is, however, coming off a lingering hamstring injury that will keep him out of some preseason games. The lack of preseason production has caused him to be overlooked by many. Coach John Harbaugh said that Perriman will more than likely be the team’s #3 wide receiver, but with Mike Wallace turning 31 this year, it is likely to see Perriman getting more reps than most #3 receivers in the league. I look for Perriman to have around 700 yards this season and 6 touchdowns this season. Perriman and the Ravens kick the season off with a game against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Kasen Williams. WR. Seattle Seahawks

Now you may be wondering, “Who the heck is Kasen Williams?” I honestly had never heard of the guy before this offseason, and he is more than pulling his weight this preseason. Williams has shown that he is a big target, even though he is only 6’1″. In his first two preseason games, he has put up 147 yards and a touchdown on just 6 catches. He also made a highlight reel play in week 2 of the preseason with his one-handed catch over lock-down corner Xavier Rhodes. He has been making the most of his first team reps this offseason, and it is certainly showing. Golden Tate is the clear-cut #1 receiver in Seattle, but Kasen Williams is definitely going to be getting solid playing time this season, look for him to have around 800 yards and 6 touchdowns this season. He opens up the season up in Green Bay against the Packers.

Dede Westbrook. WR. Jacksonville Jaguars

Dede Westbrook finished his college career off at Oklahoma with 2,267 yards and 21 touchdowns, he was also invited to New York at the tail end of his senior year as a Heisman finalist. So why did he fall to the 4th round in the 2017 NFL draft? No clue. His fall in the draft has caused him to be overlooked by many as a possible fantasy threat. Dede has great speed(4.34 40 yard dash), and he is fantastic at exposing holes in defensive secondaries,  as he runs very crisp routes. Westbrook has really put his talents on display this preseason, he terrorized Patriots cornerback Cyrus Jones on a 42-yard touchdown catch in his first game and then produced 131 receiving yards in his outing against the Buccaneers. The play by other Jaguars receivers has been inconsistent at best, so it wouldn’t be very surprised to see Dede Westbrook as the #1 slot receiver for the Jags this season. I can see him producing 1,000 receiving yards this season along with 7 touchdown catches. He opens his season at Houston against the Texans.


Zay Jones. WR. Buffalo Bills

Zay Jones is an overlooked rookie who is primed to have the best rookie year of anyone in his class. Jones was taken with the 37th pick in this year’s draft out of East Carolina. At ECU, he produced over 4,200 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns. FOUR THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED YARDS. He definitely knew how to produce in college, and he has the tools to produce in the NFL this year as well. Sammy Watkins was traded to the Rams earlier this month, and he had been the #1 receiver in Buffalo ever since he was drafted in 2014. Then Anquan Boldin retired the man who was signed to replace Sammy Watkins. Zay Jones is the clear-cut number one receiver to be the big man for the Bills. I see Jones producing 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns. Zay Jones’ season begins with a home game against the Jets, the perfect game to start off a potentially star-studded season.


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