LOL Quarter Finals – C9 vs. Dignitas


By Jacob Cooper

With the surprising dominance shown by Dignitas against C9; this years summer season Quarter-Finals was something for the books. With a shocking 3-1 lead from Dignitas, C9 fans were left with a huge cloud of disappointment hanging over their heads.

With Game 1 of C9 vs. Dignitas ending with C9 with a 10K gold deficit loss against Dignitas and the final overall kill score 23 to 15, Team Dignitas showed they were a force to be reckoned with.  Not only did they get kill pressure early and objective control with 10 towers to 4, they were able to deny C9 their objectives, which ultimately won Game 1 in Dignitas favor.

Game 2 was no different; Dignitas came with full force and showed they were there to win. Although they didn’t get a landslide victory with 12 kills to 17(Dignitas’ favor), they had a 10k gold lead ahead of C9, as well as 10 towers to 4.

With a surprising turn, C9 came back with a dominating victory. As if they completely swapped mindsets, C9 with a 14k gold lead ahead of Dignitas, and a landslide kill lead 15 to 3, showed they are not to be taken lightly either. They denied objectives to Dignitas, with 10 towers to 1, and totally dominated Game 3 with this surprising twist.

Although C9 fought Dignitas with everything they got, Dignitas came on top and earned their way to the semi-final spot. Game 4 was the closest game of this series, with 12 kills (C9) to 15(Dignitas) and a very close gold deficit 89.7k(C9) to 92k(Dignitas), this game was  Fought tooth-and-nail. With the objective control very close 9 towers (C9) to 8(Dignitas), Dignitas was able to prevail, find an opening, and take down C9; Ultimately winning, and moving to Semi-Finals, where they will fight TSM for the Finals spot.

Semi-Finals will be Saturday, August 26th.

To check out the game and results go to




  1. This was pretty much another stomp for what I would consider one of Cloud 9’s worst splits. I feel that the article was well written though, and would love to see one on Cloud 9’s path from last to first in NA this year. It would be an article on a really inspiring story about gamers just like us.


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