Sunset Overdrive’s Awesomepocalypse

By Zane Parsons

Is your city overrun with overcharged mutants, and there isn’t any way out? Well, you may be trapped in Sunset City. This wacky shooter game has plenty of ways to customize your character and play style. So a worldwide company called Fizzco has an early release of their new energy drink Overcharge, but they made an obvious mistake when they rushed production. They never tested the drink to see what the effects are on people. This happens to make the drinkers mutate and causes you to start your awsomepocalypse. Whether you prefer automatic record shooters or the TNT Teddy, there’s plenty of Overcharged(OD) to figure what weapons suit your taste.


Sunset city has factions you can choose to help if you want, helping them gives you rewards and may have the faction help you on later missions. The OD aren’t the only enemies you have to worry about; The scabs are looters that run around in the city, and they shoot anyone they see.  This wonderful game is full of twists and turns that keep you hooked and wanting to finish the story. My personal favorite gun is the grade A revolver Dirty Harry. This bad boy deals massive damage to any enemy

My personal favorite gun is the grade A revolver Dirty Harry. This bad boy deals massive damage to any enemy who is on fire. this helps out especially if you have the flaming compensater shotgun. Feel free to mix up your arsenal to find out what works, and what doesn’t. Different enemies are strong and weak to different weapon combinations. You even get to equip different clothes that you can buy or unlock while doing quests. There are many different types of challenges from Bucks camera fights to point collecting, to smashing Fizzco’s stuff.  For completing the challenges, you get money and overcharge, which you use to buy guns. If you get first place, you can also get material to get amps. Amps activate at different style levels. You get style by grinding on rails and bouncing on objects. Amps make the game more entertaining whether it makes what you bounce on explode, or your weapon shock some enemies. A final word of advice: when the Od swarm doesn’t stay still and keeps moving, they come from all directions, but most can’t move as fast as you can grind.


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