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Our Incredible Journey

By Mabely Teodocio

It is not easy being on a first-year team, but we had fun, which is all that matters. McDonald County High School introduced a boy’s and girl’s soccer team in 2015, and I was lucky to be a part of the 2016 girl’s soccer team.

First Lady Mustang Soccer Practice 2016

Our first practice was pretty rough. A lot of us, including me, had never played soccer before, at least not on a soccer field with rules, but it was nice to meet girls that I had never seen around in school. This soccer team allowed many girls that had never played a sport to be on a team where no one would judge them for not being “good” because, in reality, we all were a little clueless. We had the opportunity to win one game that season and that was a feeling I will never forget.

First Lady Mustangs Win!

Our season quickly came to an end, so we waited and waited for the next season. When the first practice came along, we were all excited to see everyone again. Although we still had a lot to learn, we were determined to have a great season win or lose.

We knew we had to work hard, but we also knew it was only our second year. There were many games that were canceled or rescheduled due to the weather, which gave us fewer opportunities to play. Our soccer season was, unfortunately, not what we were all hoping for. We did not get to win a game, but we still tried our best every game, which is what mattered to us and our coaches.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this incredible journey with my team. We faced many defeats, but we didn’t give up. No matter what, we still are not going to. This is the last year that I can be on this team, and on the behalf of the senior Lady Mustangs, I want to state that we are not finished making HERSTORY.


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