Big Bad Hurricane Irma

Image result for hurricane irma
By Jacob Stone

The image above is a projected path of the probably the biggest hurricane to hit the United States. It has been projected to hit Florida anytime now. I believe even if it is not a direct hit it will still have a massive impact because this is a category five hurricane. To put that in perspective, Harvey was only a category four and studies have been done to prove that Katrina was only a category three when it hit Louisiana. The reason behind Irma being so strong is the area that is traveling through. The waters it is traveling through are very warm which acts as fuel for the hurricane, and it has immensely increased in size as it has moved along. Secondly, wind sheer massively affects the size of a hurricane is just so happens that it is moving through a low wind sheer environment, so it’s not being slowed down or broken apart.



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