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DIY Binder Clips


By Andrea Creason

Oh, how I love me some school supplies. Who am I kidding? I’m the girl who can’t ever get away from school supplies no matter how old I get. As we have recently come back to school, I figured it would be fun to make a DIY back to school supply post.

So let’s start by saying goodbye to boring old black binder clips and say hello to adorable new binder clips.


  • old binder clip
  • Washi Tape/fabric tape
  • spray paint


Start by taking apart the binder clips. Each clip will have 3 parts (1 clips + 2 “arms”)
Lay out all pieces (outdoors) on cardboard or another paintable surface.
With your spray paint color of choice, cover all pieces equally. You can do the clips one color and the arms another, or all one color! Because my heart still flutters watching old things becomes gold things,  it’s all gold for me. Obsessed.

Once dried, flip pieces over to coat the other sides until the pieces our fully covered.
Carefully reinsert the “arms” into the clips. If you want to add more of a handmade touch to your binder clips, then you can add a strip of Washi Tape or fabric tape to either side of your clip.



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