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League of Legends 7.17 Patch Review


DGtRlQYUQAAZmRI.pngBy Jacob Cooper

With the latest patchwork of League of Legends out, there is a lot to discuss. With the buffing and nerfing of Champions, adjusting items and fixing bugs, new skins, and the newest Champion Ornn, Riot has been very busy, so let’s talk about it.

One of the biggest things that is being talked about right now is the newest Star Guardians skins coming out, with a hint of a new game mode coming out. The champions to receive these skins are Ezreal, Ahri, Soraka, Miss Fortune, and Syndra; and will all be included in the newest game mode Invasion, which is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) and allows you to play with the skin even if you haven’t bought it at the moment. Now the biggest question I have for Riot after Star Guardian Ezreal is… when are we going to get Star Guardian Urgot?!

Another thing getting a lot of buzz is Riots’  newest champion, Ornn. Ornn, to sum it all up, is basically a demi-god that is part ram and part human. Not only is he a very unique champion, but his kit and playstyle is something entirely new to the game. First off, he can build items(due to his passive Living Forge), outside of the shop, which is not only a unique, and totally out of the box thinking on Riots’ behalf, it is also an extremely powerful ability in its entirety. It lets you stay in lane and apply the pressure needed, while not having to retreat back to base and power up. Another interesting thing about his passive is that it has a second part to it. The other passive, Master Craftsman, allows him to give one upgraded item to each of his team’s members. If applied right, this can change the whole outcome of a game.

Another new passive ability added to the game is brittle. Basically, when Ornn uses his W ability, (Bellows breath) he becomes immune to crowd control, shoots out fire, and applies a stack of brittle. Enemies with brittle, suffer a max portion of their maximum health when struck with Crowd control and the crowd control lasts longer.

His Ultimate Ability(R key) is probably the most difficult part of his entire kit. His Ultimate (Call of the Forge God) sends a Ginormous Ram charging in your direction, and once it is in the zone of fire, you can activate the ability and send the ram charging at your opponents direction. But, this ability isn’t easy; it’s a timed skill-shot. And since it is a timed skill shot, you can miss it, but if you practice, it will start to become second nature to you.

One more thing to go over is Champion buffs and nerfs over this patch.

Draven: Passive: will lose more gold from League of Draven on death, 50% to 75%                                              will gain less base gold on champion kill, 50 g to 25 g

Ezreal: Q ratio changed: 1.1 attack damage to 1.25 attack damage on hit.

Hecarim: E- Devasting Charge: New Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Duration no longer ticks down during Onslaught of Shadows                                                                                                                       R- Onslaught of Shadows: Fear duration changed to .75 seconds to 1.5 seconds (based on how far Hecarim travels with his spectral riders)

Leona: Passive: Sunlights mark duration changed from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.                            Q- Shield of Daybreak: cooldown changed from 9/8/7/6/5 depending on level, to a steady 6 seconds throughout.

Maokai: Passive: Sap magic no longer procs when Maokai auto-attacks a ward.

Urgot: W- Purge: Stay focused:  Purge now refreshes the duration of the ‘locked on’ debuff, preventing cases where Urgot would switch targets partway through Purge’s duration.                                                                                                                                                                 R- Fear Beyond Death: reactivation window changed from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

Zed: base attack speed stat changed from 0.644 to 0.651                                                                        W-Living Shadow: shadow duration changed 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds














































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