Book Review: Heartless


By Tierra Welch

Before she was the terror Wonderland, the infamous Queen of Hearts was just a girl who wanted to fall in love.

Catherine is the most desired woman in all of Wonderland, she’s not only a talented baker, but she’s also a high born lady and a favorite of the unmarried King of Hearts. Every young girl’s dream is to be a princess, but she has the opportunity to become a queen! However, that’s not what she wants. She wants to be a baker and open up a bakery with her best friend and cat, Cheshire; however, that’s not her mother’s plan. According to her mother, she will be queen. Catherine is hesitant but will do whatever to make her mother happy, or at least until she meets the new, mysterious court jester, Jest. He is everything she can´t have but desperately wants. But it´s forbidden because she is a highborn lady, and he is nothing but a jester.

Jest is a jester from beyond the looking glass in search of the queen of Wonderland to end the war. He never expected to fall in love with her or to tell her his deepest secrets and desires. He never expected to not want her to become queen or to choose between his heart and his kingdom.

But with the threat of the Jabberwocky, Catherine´s not even sure she’ll survive long enough to love him. She must make a journey to through the looking glass to the neighboring kingdom to escape both the Jabberwocky and her responsibilities as a lady. To be together, they had one rule…do not go through a door, but as fate would have it, she has to choose between leaving her old life behind for Jest or saving her best friend from the notorious Jabberwocky. Her decision dictates her life and the life of all the citizens of Wonderland

I give this book a five out of five-star rating because it´s a unique twist in the world of Wonderland, and the character is relatable in many moments in the book.

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