High School Reminiscing

McDonald_County_HSBy Alex Guadarrama

Well, here it is. Senior year. They all said it would go by quick. I thought that they were just saying that just to say it, but nope, they weren’t wrong. So what’s my experience been like here? It’s been.

Over the course of my high school years, I’ve learned many things. I learned that it really does go by fast. That high school wasn’t all that great as it should’ve been. That I had many opportunities to do things that I don’t have now. Who’s there to blame? Me.

I will say this, it’s been an experience. I’m glad I missed all of those opportunities. It taught me to take advantage of all the chances that you get thrown in life because one day you won’t have those opportunities and you’ll look back at it and feel regret.

As the years went on, friends came and went. I made friendships that I will appreciate for the next years to come. With those friendships, I’ve made amazing memories that I will forever be grateful for. High school taught me that you have to choose your cards wisely with who you hang with because of moments for memories.

While high school was such a blur, it was nice. I’ll miss seeing the common faces when I’m away at college. It’ll be very strange having to begin once again. I feel that now that I have all the vast knowledge from high school that I won’t make as many mistakes, I won’t miss opportunities as much as I did in high school. I’ll be more present.

These past seventeen years have been not only long but swift. It’s nice to think that I’m almost done, but at the same time not because in one year I’ll be in a new boat. The past years in school will have been for nothing. I wish I would’ve been less of an introvert and more public. That would’ve made high school easier and more enjoyable. While I’m improving on it, it can be better. I’ll be leaving this place recognizing that I could’ve done more.

To anyone who takes the time to read this, be more active. Show up to every home game. Take time to make new friends because you’ll be surprised with the friendships that you make, I know I was. Don’t procrastinate, trust me. Join a club or a team. Take the time to make high school pleasant and good results will come, I guarantee it.




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