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ARK: Survival Evolved Review


By Cameron Patton

Before we get on with the review, I will be explaining how I will be rating the featured game. We will go over gameplay, story, functionality, captivity and finally, I will add up the average and that will be my overall rating of the game.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-world survival game developed by Wildcard Studios. Despite being a survival game, there are many qualities that make ARK stand out from the cesspool that is the survival genre. For starters, you begin on the beaches of an unknown island full of prehistoric creatures of all kinds. You have to use your survival expertise to build shelters, tame dinosaurs and survive the dangers of the ARK.

First is the gameplay. There’s a lot to do at the start; gather materials, build structures, and fight off hungry Troodons as they try to harvest your sweet meats… and succeed. However, things do slow down as you get more experience with how the game works and… fictional experience. During the mid-to-late game is where things get a bit tricky; you always need more metal, oil, and pearls to build better technology. A good portion of ARK’s hostile dinosaurs have stunning capabilities, making it impossible to do anything while they kill you. Much of the game is trial and error due to it being a more multiplayer oriented game.

Gameplay: 7

Next is the story. All of ARK’s story is divided into notes and journals you can find as collectibles all around the island. There are four types of journals that tell four sides of the same story. Quite the interesting read if you care to find all the journals. You could also read the journals on the wiki.

Story: 4 

Next is, functionality. Functionality is how well the game runs, and the bugs it holds. Sadly, ARK requires a high-end computer to run on full graphical settings and the bugs are frequent, especially on servers. Sometimes the bugs can be life-threatening to you and your dinosaurs as crashes can happen at any time.

Functionality: 4

Finally, we have captivity. Captivity is how well the game holds the player’s attention. ARK has a very steep curve in both difficulty and captivity. During the mid-to-late game, you’re always searching for more metal, pearls, and oil. It becomes rather tedious if you plan on playing this game alone; however, it can be remedied with more players to help you get those materials.

Captivity: 6

Overall, ARK is a good game to play with others; however, there are many glaring problems with connectivity issues as well as gameplay glitches that can create many frustrations. There is a lot to do early on and can be a fun time-waster if you don’t have anything to do.

Overall: 5



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  1. I real enjoyed the thing you did on here for beginners. I also play the game my self there was some stuff I did not know.


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