Ways To Help

By Kayla Mustain

It has been a difficult task of helping flood victims in Texas, but a lot of people are banding together to help a noble cause.

To quote a Texan:

“There is more heart in Texas than water.”

Some famous and not so famous people have contributed a major amount of time for the families of Texas.

J.J Watt, arguably one of the best defensive players in the NFL has started a fundraiser for Texas. It was launched on August 27, and got boosted when Billionaire Charles Butt donated $5 million to the fundraiser. It now stands at about $27 million.

The One American Appeal is a fundraiser started by five former presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. They are looking to expand the appeal to Hurricane Irma. It is right now underway.

Of course, you have Red Cross and the Salvation Army there to give a hand, or you can simply donate online. Every little bit counts because who knows one day you might be in a similar position and end up being short a few dollars.

Another simple way of donating is texting HARVEY to 90999 and donate $10.

Or texting STORM to 51555 to donate to the Salvation Army.

If you would like to donate food Houston’s Food Bank and Corpus Christi are taking donations.

Before you donate your time or money, make sure to do your research a trusted site to look up organizations helping would be Charity Navigator.

If you are looking to help organizations a little closer to home you can donate to the McDonald County High School Band, all proceeds go to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A safety precaution for families once you return to your home in Texas would to first have your entire house checked for long lasting damage. Please don’t enter your home until you have done so. After that, I would recommend you take photographs of permanent damage to see if you qualify for aid from your insurance or bank.

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