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PUBG’s Ground Breaking Success

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By Jacob Cooper

PUBG,(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), was one of the most anticipated games this year. Selling 8 million copies in the first 5 months of early release, you can see why this game is a powerhouse in its platform. But what is keeping it alive?

This game is unique, simple, but amazingly fun. It brings the adrenaline rush we all aim for, and the easiness of starting a new game. Unlike it’s competitors, (League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, CS:GO, etc.), once you die, you die; that is it.

You play, you die, you restart a new game. But in League of Legends and many other games, one death, lost objective, or bad team fight, can change the game and you have to go through a game for 30 minutes, while you just aren’t having fun anymore. That is where PUBG‘s simpleness comes in. You can play another game right after you die. Not only can you play single player, but you can join with teams, and have a first person mode as well!

Another great aspect of the game is the competition. You get paired against 100 people(including yourself), and you literally have no idea how the outcome of the game will end or if you have any chance to win. Even pro streamers can lose in the first 10 minutes of the game, and that is an amazing part of the game. Just because you have an amazing skill level at this game, doesn’t mean you will have a sure fire way to win each game. You can get flanked, shot by a sniper, go to the wrong building. It is completely unpredictable. It’s an adrenaline rush at its finest, as well as addicting.



It has already had an invitational while in Alpha,(that means the game isn’t even completely done.), and around 140,000 people viewed the invitational on the official PUBG website and around 5 million viewed on PandaTV. Not only does it have a solid fan base but has also surpassed some of the top streamed games on Twitch and other sites.

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To wrap this all up, PUBG may be the most groundbreaking game to have come out with the adrenaline rush feel, the similarities to the Japanese hit Battle Royale, and the simpleness that makes it very tough and easy, addicting, and a fun team game. PUBG is coming to Xbox and PS4 console this year, and is currently on sell for PC on STEAM for 29.99$ USD. If you are interested in PUBG, click the link below.

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