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Top 5 Best Youtube Channels

By Michael Mann

Note: This is all my own opinion.  This list is not based on subscriber count or amount of views the channels have, in fact, some of these YouTubers you might not have ever heard of. I also highly recommend that you check these youtube channels out if you haven’t already.

5. GaladonGaming


GaladonGaming is well a gaming channel,  which is literally in the name. He plays the mobile games Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale. Both made by Supercell, and you’ve probably at one point had either app on your phone. Most of his videos are based on highlights from interesting battles in both games.

og_mainpageHe’s high up on the list because he only does mobile gaming videos over two games.

4. TheOdd1sOut

photoTheOdd1sOut is one of the most popular YouTubers on this list, so you might have heard of him. He tells pretty interesting stories that go along with drawings he creates. Nothing more to really say other than he’s a great YouTuber. The reason he is at number four is that he doesn’t post videos that often, only about two every month.

3. ChannelFrederator

maxresdefaultChannelFrederator is a mix of quite a bit of stuff. They do predictions for tv series, countdown lists, conspiracy theories, and of course, their 107 facts. The majority of each countdown and 107 facts videos are over popular T.V. shows. These shows can range from Zootopia to a small series you might have heard of, such as Rick And Morty. They have a range of hosts, including host from other channels. I really enjoy watching most of their videos, but sometimes a guest host can end up being pretty annoying.

2. PhantomStrider

photo (1)PhantomStrider is a Youtube channel by host Josh Strider. He does countdown lists over T.V. Shows, ranging from Sesame Street to South Park. Most of his lists are showcasing the worst of the worst cartoons/sitcoms out there. What’s so great about PhantomStrider, you may ask, you put a countdown channel already? Well, unlike most countdown channels, he goes by his own opinion about how much he likes/dislikes the show. While others might just go by statistics like the number of views, but he actually shares his own opinion. Well other than sounding like a broken record, all I can say is I suggest checking this channel out.

1. BulletBarryxCPmF2QrE0l2q6391EqLJvYwTKXXQvgiQk9Wgs3UXD7IS4JGwhwGsZuanw7GGPl2_large_2BulletBarry, what can I say except, he, in my personal opinion, is the best YouTuber on Youtube right now. It is run by host Barry, a man who loves to game on his PC, talks about events that happened in his life, does an occasional review over accessories for PCs, and talks about topics not just in gaming but over recent events and sometimes even controversial topics.  He never really states his own opinion on most of the topics he talks about, because one, he doesn’t want to offend anybody, and two he lets the viewer decide how they feel about certain topics. Really the only opinion he stated was how he games only on PC, which he doesn’t try to push on people like PC elites (people who think they are better than other people because they play on PC). He just plays and doesn’t care what other people play on. The reason why he is number one is that unlike a majority of Youtube channels on Youtube right now, he actually strives to make his content better.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article, and yet again, this is just my personal opinion. If your favorite YouTuber didn’t make it on the list, it just means I have an opinion different from yours.



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