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A Guide to Hermit Crabs


By Tyler Leach

Hermit crabs are more complex to take care of than you would think. They are very high maintenance. I could talk about this forever, but here are just 10 facts that you might want to know before purchasing your child a hermit crab. Hope you enjoy!

  1. They need lots of space; they don’t adapt to the size of their container like everyone thinks. They need about 2 gallons of space per crab.
  2. They need water dishes, not sponges. They need it to bathe. They also need fresh water and salt water.
  3. They love to climb and play. They need lots of toys to climb on and hide in.
  4. They don’t eat only pellets from the pet store; in fact, they like a variety to choose from. They like fruit, shaved coconut, shrimp, and baby carrots.
  5. Do NOT get painted shells, the paint chips off and they ingest it and it kills them.
  6. They need lots of different shells of different shapes and sizes, the crabs will grow and will need a new shell to live in.
  7. They are not introverted animals. They love having other crabs living with them. Believe it or not, they are very social animals and love to play and climb on the other crabs.
  8. They need heating lamps
  9. Hermit crabs from pet stores are net bred in captivity, they are taken from the wild and sometimes put on a nut cracker type machines to break their shells and then forced into painted shells, sometimes glued into them.
  10. Hermit crabs can live up to 30 years with the right care, not just a few months like carnivals and pet stores tell you.

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