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Who’s Harmon?

By Alex Guadarrama

You’ve probably walked around our amazing facility and stumbled across Harmon. Who’s exactly is Harmon? He’s the team “mascot” for the cross country team. He became pretty famous at our school last year, so famous that he has his own social media account.

Every time Harmon is seen in public people seem to lose it, good or bad. The best part of it all is that Harmon is a doll and not just your average doll that you would see in a horror flick (C’mon that’s just child’s play).

Harmon, he loyal. (:

Born on April 20th, 1969, Harmon Mohamed Skywalker has always been a happy camper, although his face says otherwise. He’s been around for a while as you can see, and it seems that he hasn’t aged one bit. He’s been through a lot in his mediocre life. Despite the hardships that he’s faced, he’s managed to always be an optimist and to look at the good in everything that happens in life. Harmon may not say much or anything ever, but if he did, I bet it’d be inspirational.

He cares about his education.

So how did Harmon end up at MCHS? Well, you see he was found in a tunnel, an eerie, ominous one for that matter. At first, he looked like he had been buried alive, but it also seemed that he had been placed in that tunnel on purpose. I mean why would there be a doll inside a tunnel? Was he placed there for some reason? Is there more to Harmon that we may not know, guess only time will tell. That tunnel is located in the town of Anderson (have fun with that info).

All that class work made him hungry.

Over the course of one year, his life has changed drastically. Let me give you a summary of how his life went from 0-100 real quick. After having have been found by one of his fathers (yes, he has more than one father … ridiculous, I know), he was taken to his new home and was cared for. He had a good nights rest and the next day he was taken to school and the rest is history. From my knowledge, I remember that everyone seemed to like him for some reason. Personally, I didn’t give it much thought because I thought he’d be like a fresh meme, be popular and then die over a course of a couple weeks. Apparently, I was wrong. Everyone seems to think that the doll is pretty dank. He’s taught so many people that you can have a great time with anything childish regardless of your age. All it takes is a little imagination.

Harmon’s first night after being found ❤

This past year of Harmon’s life he has had many photos taken of him, of all his adventures. Just like a photo album. I’ll leave a few of the beginning of his journey. Enjoy. (:

His vacation to Mexico
First time eating Mexican
After Mexican



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