Entertainment Horror

Are Clowns Evil? 🤡


By Grayce Davis

We all have that one friend who is scared of ghosts or monsters or just the dark, but today, we’re not talking about normal monsters, we’re talking about clowns.

Yeah, that’s right. I said clowns.

They might have been your cuddly friend who passed out balloons at a birthday party way back then, but now,  I wouldn’t ask for a balloon anymore if I were you.


The movie, IT, is leading in the box office, and with its success, the age old debate of whether clowns are good or evil has reemerged. But, why exactly are these iconic symbols of childhood now portrayed as such malevolent creatures? Let’s take a look.

Horrifying to say the least. 

The McDonald’s clown, Ronald McDonald, was first known to be one of the creepiest versions of mascots for food companies before they changed him.

The McDonald’s clown, Ronald McDonald, was first known to be one of the creepiest versions of mascots for food companies before they changed him. The first Ronald McDonald was a creepy clown that struck fear into kids who went there.

Due to the fear the mascot gave off, they changed him to be more suitable for children, to the loveable one we know today.

Ronald McDonald Identity Crisis
Not much better…

Now that we’ve gotten over Ronald up there, let’s move on to IT.

As you might have heard there is a new version of this horrid clown that came out on September 9th 2017.

As ya know he’s a perfect little angel, right?

He’s not just a clown, but even worse, he’s an alien clown!

His sharp teeth, morphing ability, and creepy smile make him the perfect ideal for a murderous bedtime story.If I saw someone like him I wouldn’t stand around to see if we all float, if ya know what I mean.


I’ll skip breakfast…thank you.

This clown (pictured above) was supposed to be for a kid’s friendly cereal commercial, but while the clown eats and shows the cereal box, he constantly smiles barely blinking at the camera as if he is possessed or just insane.

Don’t play games with him.

Now Jigsaw might not exactly fall under clown label but comes close enough. Due to his “beautiful” makeup and his outstanding abilities to love the death of killing people, he is included. Now this guy doesn’t use balloons to lure people into traps, he just uses their own minds, which can be even scarier.



So as you’ve read I have pointed out some evil clowns, so now tell me, do you still think they are good?


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