Cats of MCHS

By Mabely Teodocio

This morning my class went down to the track and some of my classmates came across a kitten, and they named it Jeremy. I got to meet Jeremy, and he seemed to be a very playful kitten. My friend Madison Hall decided to keep it and take it to its new home. Many of the students here at MCHS have encountered these kittens that seem to be showing up out of nowhere!

This is Jeremy
This is Jeremy after he enjoyed a nice breakfast

Some of these kittens get adopted by the students; they get taken to homes where they are fed and taken care of. My friend Chloe Morris found a black kitten her sophomore year, which was about 2 years ago and she named him Lokai. Lokai has and continues to be one of her closest friends.

Picture from August 18, 2015

They found 2 kittens that day and they were both taken to a home that day.

This is Lokai and Chloe Morris today.

As you can see Lokai is a good sized cat now, although he isn’t the most playful cat in the world he is definitely one of the luckiest!

MCHS will continue to be the first home to a lot of kittens, and many of the students from here will continue to find kittens to take home (ask for permission before you bring a kitten home).



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