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Spooktacular Halloween Décor


By Andrea Creason

Looking for the best and most spooktacular way to decorate your home this year for Halloween? This DIY Halloween candy door hanger is the perfect way to greet your guest this Halloween, with handfuls of candy! This is also a perfect way to let trickery theaters grab a piece of candy if you are going to be gone for the night.



-chalk board

-half of a pumpkin

-wood burning tools with razor blade attachment

-1/2 screw and drill

-1/2 nail and hammer

-black and white paint + paintbrushes


First, draw out a smiley face on the pumpkin with a pencil. Making sure to leave enough room at the bottom to fill it with candy.

Once the smile is drawn use the wood burning tool with the razor blade attached to cut out the mouth area.

After the mouth is cut out, move onto the eyes. Trace out some eyes with a pencil and then use black and white paint as well as nice clean circles.

Next step, mount the pumpkin to the chalkboard. Secure the top of the pumpkin to the chalk board with a half inch screw and remember to secure the bottom as well but use a nail. If there are any cracks in between the board and the pumpkin itself, use hot glue to secure the areas down.

Now all that is left is to fill it with delectable candy for your guest to enjoy!


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